Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Team Conan

Whether you can handle his energy or not, he's getting a raw deal and he's taking it with class.

I pledge my allegiance...


  1. I admire him for giving NBC the collective bird for their horrible decision making. And what's up with Jay Leno, has he no pride? When he re-signed with NBC he basically threw all his clout away. If I was the #1 show in late night, and someone gave me the boot I wouldn't stay with that network. What's wrong with that guy! He hosted the tonight show for something like 17 years! You've had a good run. MOVE ON DUDE.

    I also like Conan, and if he could tone it down while he interviewed guests, and let Andy talk a tiny bit more, I'd love the guy. I hope he gets the tonight show on his terms or he murders Dave and Jay when he goes to Fox, and trust me folks, come 2013 he WILL have murdered them.

  2. It was a move by NBC that I don't really understand. I don't know anyone who PREFERS Leno to Conan. But, I guess I don't know everyone.