Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beaking up is hard to do

I found this mostly funny, but totally creepy how the one dude is like a big, fat Josh Bingham. If that doesn't peak you interest, you're dead.


  1. you forgot curly haired. A big, fat curly haired Josh Bingham, and yes...we've found Joshes big, fat, curly haired evil twin.

    It's great how the video itself know...okay and all, but seeing BFCH Josh just made my day.

  2. What the yewt? Are you sure that's not actually Josh?

    I loved the "twist" at the end.

  3. That big kid made me LOLLYPOP.
    (Laugh Out Loud Longer Yet Possibly Off Pitch)

  4. three new things i love:

    1. BFCH josh
    2. what the yewt?
    3. LOLLYPOP.

  5. Mr. Glass did you invent LOLLYPOP? Very nice, very nice.