Wednesday, January 13, 2010

19th Century Mind in the 21st Century

I want my life to become simpler and more agrarian--but this video shows me that although I may succeed in the latter endeavor, I will not in the former. And I have to prepare my kids to succeed in a world that I can't properly envision. Will technology improve personal liberty by holding governments accountable and allowing a blossoming of free enterprise through voluntary cooperation or will technology allow governments to become increasingly intrusive and monitor ever more aspects of our lives?


  1. i hope these are rhetorical questions, because i'm not sure i could come up with an answer.

    there is something terrifying about this clip.

  2. It is terrifying in terms of trying to grapple with the sheer quantity of information and how technology will infuse every aspect of our lives--and the big brother angle. There are positive aspects too. Think how many difficult problems we should be able to tackle in this century if we can apply all of the research that is generating this information. The medical advancements will be staggering. Also, I really enjoy having information accessible and cheap. It's certainly improved my quality of life in many ways. Also, technological interconnectedness should continue to improve the efficiency and reach of the global market which will continue the raising standard of living for billions.

  3. I'm a little skeptical of this information. Specifically the "The top 10 in-demand jobs in 2010 didn't exist in 2004" claim. Ima call bullplop on that one. Nursing is almost definitely going to be one of the top 10 in-demand jobs this year. So are a variety of financial positions.

    Just because facebook didn't exist in 2004, it doesn't mean that people hired to work there are doing jobs that didn't exist in 2004.

  4. Stop interrupting our "whoa dude!" moment with facts. Maybe they didn't mean demand in terms of absolute employment numbers. Maybe they mean sweet jobs that are so awesome and high tech they can't fill them. Or you know, jobs that have seen the largest increase percentage wise since 2004. And if you're increasing from zero that must mean you're increasing like infinity%.

  5. I'm leery of facts with no sources, and interestingly enough, I had that same nursing thought as Benson.

    But the way the world is changing, and the sheer speed of that change is a bit baffling. I've been able to keep up with technology for the most part, although I secretly despise texting, but I know there's going to come a time when I just don't care anymore, and sound like Val Lindsay whenever I talk (Let me tell YOU about the problems with society!) my kids will totally be embarrassed every time I open my mouth. It's gonna be sweet.