Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What's Happening in Lubbuck?!?

I know the election is still fresh on everyone's minds but lets not forget that a pretty amazing football game took place last Saturday in Lubbuck, TX between Texas Tech and Texas. Since I know Benson's a rabid football fan, I think he played defensive tackle at Skyline...I wanted to get his insider take on what Lubbock was like after the game. I think I heard they just burnt down the whole town during the celebration. So Benson how did you celebrate the victory? Were you out hanging on the goal posts, setting random cattle free to run through the streets, etc., etc., just curious.


  1. Any team that beats Texas with a last second stomach punch touchdown is a favorite of mine.

    And TT's reward? Oklahoma State this week, Oklahoma next week. How THAT for a wake up call?

  2. that was a crazy game! The way the fans were basically already on the field before it was even over was crazy, and pretty cool to watch. Go Texas Tech!
    It was nice to get to watch a good game out here for once. Seems like all we get to see is Notre DAme and teams down south.

  3. Lubbock is a weird, weird place.

    I don't exactly have my finger on the pulse of the town, though. I teach an 8:00 class to freshmen, who would probably normally be excited about the game, but are all still asleep when I see them, and aren't exactly "interested" in "interacting with the professor". The other class I teach is to graduate students. They're mostly excited that the recent form of the football team might get them a couple extra job interviews after they graduate.

    It was a sweet game, though. It's too bad we can't play A&M and beat the crap out of them again. OK State will be tough at home, and I don't think we can beat OK in Norman. Maybe. I should probably admit right now that Saturday was the first time I'd ever watched a Tech game.

    Anyway, Wreck 'em Tech! Guns up! Wooo! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!