Friday, November 7, 2008

Roll Call: Where is everyone

Hey guys, Steve Walters here.
As most of you know I am relatively new to this here blog. I was wondering if I could get a roll call of everyone who reads the blog. Where are you living? What are you doing? What are the updates on your families? What are your credit card numbers? You know the important stuff.

During the past couple of years I waffled about trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. It wasn't that I couldn't find anything I loved doing. Quite the opposite, I loved almost everything I tried. The problem was that I was never satisfied, I always wanted to do everything. Having had the love of biology most heinously killed while at BYU, I tried my hand at working with troubled youth. I got a job working with my wife at a treatment center for teenage girls. I have worked there off and on again for the last two years. I also at times worked with Duerden's foundation for teenagers. Throughout this time I discovered that I deeply missed photography.

So about a year ago my wife and I moved into my in-law's basement and started saving. A couple of months ago my Kjrstin (my wife) and I both quit our jobs and started a photo company. Now all of our time is devoted to learning the things we know nothing about: business, web design, etc. We even occasionally get out and take a photo or two. We are hoping to have all of the structure done by the new year, so we can focus on photography. Fortunately we are loving it.

Anyway, I am married (as stated above), have no kids, and am currently living in Spanish Fork.

I'd love to hear what is going on with you.


  1. D'H:
    Live: Draper, Utah
    Doing: finishing MD school
    Family: they still act like they like me*
    Credit card: 3341 4436 8970 4356 with the little #'s on the back being (385).
    Most recent Scorsese film: "Goodfellas"

    *My facebook friends can see up to date photos of my family.

  2. Who: Rob
    Where: Hutchinson, KS
    What: teach biology at community college, want to start small farm
    Family: Wifeliatha, 3.5 children, girl, boy, girl, girl due Feb.

  3. Tone here. Living in Provo attending the Zoo for a theater MA in history, crit., theory, and pantomime. Working for the only full service Hotel in the county. Have a wife (Lesley) and a daughter (Atti aged 3). Webelos leader, golfer...American.

    Now someone say "You're a great American" and I'll say "YOU'RE a great American" and both our heads will explode.

    Waltz in business? I thought you and the Mrs. were living off the land in some far off place observing nature and keeping a diary of your thoughts. Boy was I off.

  4. I live in Lubbock, TX ("The Giant Side of Texas") and work at Texas Tech. I teach and research in natural resource/environmental economics stuff.

    Regan and I have two boys, ages 1 and 3, respectively.

  5. Padeken here. Steven, as you probably already know, I'm livin' it up in Eagle Mountain. And let me just tell you, this town is cray-zay! I am in the company of my wife Camille and the Beck and our obnoxious kitten Yukiko. We are awaiting our second child from Uganda. I teach 4th graders math, rhythm, and arithmetics.

  6. Hey Steve! I haven't heard from you in forever. This is Ashley G. I live in DC. I'm finishing up my last year of law school, hoping to be a trademark/copyright/entertainment lawyer. But, the job market is terrible, so really, I'll do whatever anyone pays me to do when I get out. Congrats on your new business. Put up a link when you have your website up and running and I'll tell all my Utah peeps to use you guys for their photography needs!

  7. Beau
    Upper management at a local health care company
    A wife, 2 kids (girl, boy)
    Just chillin.

  8. Mat, proudest member of the fighting Texas Aggie class of 09, Whoop!

    Where: College Station, TX. Home of the Fighting Texas Aggies, Whoop!

    What: Finishing up grad school, applying for faculty positions, doing stuff that's cool. Whoop!

    Family: Chenae and Jack (turned 2 today) and one one the way (April sometime).

    Likes: Fighting and Science, and watching scientists fight (each other or as a combined force against a non-scientist foe or foes)

  9. I may not be one of the "fellas" but read this blog anyway. Just moved back to the 801 from San Fransisco area. We live in South Jordan for now. Missing California. Have one child Roxie, 3 yrs and another one on the way. A boy, due end of January. Still married and happy. I'd love to see you and Kj.

  10. jed wells
    graphic designer
    still married
    3 kids: hazel, parley and julian
    jealous that you actually struck out on your own. hope it works out.

  11. Cathy
    Manager of an Online Fulfillment Center for children's retailer Naartjie. Finishing my Associates Degree(only took 4 years) and getting ready to transfer to the UofU
    Married to Matt(you know you were there)kids, boy-2yr, girl-9months

    didn't realize you were so close- would love to have you over for dinner.

  12. Craig "lil chambs" ie "lil moose" ie that one Chambers that isn't moose or Kevin ie the good looking one!

    I am living in Omaha Nebraska

    Doing: Finishing Law School at Creighton trying to find a job. I want to be Matlock.

    Family: Wife Chelsea, and 11 month old Madelyn.

    Interesting Fact: I just applied to the Navy JAG corps.

  13. Hey Steve!
    Wow, a photography business? That's awesome. Let me know when your website is up. I'd love to take a look.
    I'm living in Rhode Island right now with husband and 4.5 yr old. I just finished my MBA at the University of Missouri Kansas City where my husband was getting his dental degree. We're here now for two years while he does a residency/specialty training in Pediatric Dentistry.
    Whew. That's a lot to say.

  14. 'Sup little Waltz,

    I, Brandie, am living in Provo with my wife and three children. I'm teaching various film related classes at East Hollywood High School in Salt Lake. In my spare time I like to mow the lawn and chop wood and tend the compost pile in my backyard.

  15. I just refound this blog. Dark Hospital is sweetness!

    Hey Steve (and others) - Jordan Harmon here.

    We live in South Carolina where I'm getting my masters in social work (all about the Benjamin$). I'm enjoying my internship at the university counseling center (and daydreaming about making movies and music).

    We (Joanna, Eli, and Sonny) plan on moving back to our home in Provo in May '09 so that we can go to Movies 8 on a Friday night and then say to each other, "let's never do this again."

  16. hey jordan,

    my home teaching companion lives in your house while you're out. does that mean, when you come back, we'll be comps? we could totally destroy the system.

  17. I don't know what destroying the system would look like but I'm on board. See you there.