Friday, November 14, 2008

Dance with me Chirsy!

As I cast my mind back...

I saw BYU's production of 'Dancing at Lughnasa' last night. For those not in the know it's a play that we performed in 1996 during our junior year at Provo High (and I think Jed might still have video of). Had a few thoughts as I watched and afterword.

1. What a gutsy play to put on in a high school. And at the time we were, as far as I can tell, the first production done in Utah. Pioneer Theater performed the play in '98 with BYU following in '99 (or there abouts) Mrs. Payne had some guts putting it on, with themes in the play that, I wouldn't consider inappropriate, are certainly challenging. I can genuinely not remember a lovelier or sadder production that I've ever been involved with.

2. Having these rose colored-honey drenched memories of our production made seeing the play last night wonderfully nostalgic, and sometimes a bit irksome. When the actor who played Micheal (whom Jed played) came out and spoke in an accent for his monologues to the audience it was TERRIBLY jarring at first. Ultimately Chris (the actor playing Micheal) did a fine job, even though I sort of hated the choice.

3. In our junior year 'end of the year skit' that the RSC boys performed for the drama banquet in '96 (which Jed might also have the video of) we had Mat narrating a la Jed, and crying every time he came to the end of one of his speeches, with Jed becoming enraged and insisting that he only cried once in his performance. The skit also featured Rob playing Arian and dancing... I don't know what kind of dance. I just remember clapping between his legs as he high kicked, and wiggling his hand on his forehead while Mat remarked how 'beautiful' it was. Sometimes I'm amazed at how funny we were back then.

So as I cast my mind the winter of 1996, these are the images that come back to me...(starting to tear up) and these memories are...are...(sobbing) I can't...I can't write this anymore.


  1. nothing could match the magic of our lughnasa. that show changed my life.

    the skit, too, was one of our more golden comedy moments. what happened to us, brothers? we should have taken over the world.

  2. I'll tell you what happened...women!

    And we're all better men for it!

    Besides I'm still working towards taking over the world, i just need a little financial backing and some cheap (to be read "free") child laborers before i do so.

  3. I employed that first dance move just this weekend in a winning effort of charades. The subject to act out was Napoleon Dynamite. We were in pairs with spouses and Taliatha got it right away.