Monday, November 17, 2008

It's been found!

So upon arrival at my parents house this Sunday I noticed that my Mom had dragged a big, holey garbage bag out of the basement and proceeded to instruct me to 'look through it' to see if I wanted anything from within.

I was shocked to find videos of the following:

An old football in suits game. Shot with a single, non-moving camera, not very exciting.

The green show we performed before 'black comedy' (which had a conference session over the last half of it.)

A full copy of 'The Hothouse' (which made my day)

and...wait for it...

The Scarlet Letter Abridged!

I just about peed myself when I saw it.

It's the copy we turned in to Brownie Brown that was shown in class. Since we had no editing equipment (I remember us using two VCR's for the purpose) some of the edits are terrible and many funny images were lost (Rob acting like a baby for example).

Yet, while we were still honing our comedic chops, many funny tidbits remain (A nude Brims at the beginning is just one of them).

Anyone want a copy?


  1. What great news, so how might one go about convincing you to get the contents on the web so all can enjoy?!

  2. wow, on the web would be even better...maybe. Do we really want this to be seen by thousands, six people?

    I bet Brandy could help. Hmmm.

  3. Sweet! I loved that startling intro with Brims.

  4. I really really want to see it. It definitely needs to be posted online. I remember laughing so hard when we saw it in Mrs. Brown's class that I almost fell out of my desk. It was the start of some really good stuff by youguys.

  5. Tone,
    YouTube is the place for it. You know, after my group's Scarlet Letter video, I came up with a much better version that would rock. Picture a modern-day version with action and adventure. Sure, I'd get accused of Bayifying it, but I've had the entire production thought out in my head since my mission. I've never had the time and the actors, which makes it a problem.