Monday, September 8, 2008

I have a prediction...

What do Bob Dole, Micheal Dukakis, and John Kerry all have in common?

Failed presidential candidates is an easy answer, the one I'm thinking of is that they are all presidential candidates who never really had a chance.

Oh sure, Dukakis led in the polls for a few weeks in '88, and Bush certainly was beatable in '04, but deep in all of our hearts we knew that Dukakis and Kerry were going to lose.

And Dole? Really, that was the best the GOP had in '96?

So why am I writing about this? I think you can add McCain to this list come November.

Oh sure, he's neck and neck with Obama now, but I'd like you remember four years ago...

Remember when Kerry picked Edwards and everybody got all a buzz and excited and he jumped in the polls and there was about thirty days where everyone thought that Kerry could beat Bush.

At then everyone sort of realized that Edwards was kind of shallow, and not as savy as they hoped, and they realized that Kerry was a bit of a dud, and a bunch of people in Florida and Ohio voted for Bush and that was it.

And no one was surprised, because even we democrat types didn't like Kerry that much.

So let's look at the McCain/Palin ticket. McCain picks a sassy, good-looking, fireball of a VP. She energizes the party and gives everyone hope that 'hey, maybe he CAN win this thing'.

Nevermind that she's sort of a nutty pentecostal, some details in her backstory are a little off putting (like that state trooper story), her teenage daughter is pregoo, and she's the Governor of Alaska. ALASKA! And she's only BEEN that for two years.

Now I want you to think to yourself, if something were to happen to a future president McCain, who's 72 by the way, would you really feel comfortable with Palin as President? Really?

And my concerns have nothing to do with gender. I like that McCain picked a woman VP, I just don't like the one he picked.

So I think, like the Kerry/Edwards tandem four years ago, that this is the peak of the McCain/Palin ticket. With time the buzz will die down, and people will realize that maybe a 72 year old war hawk with a first term governor from Alaska wouldn't be the best fit for President and VP.

And no one will be surprised, because even the Republican types don't like McCain all that much.


  1. here, here.

    i used to feel sorry for mccain because his campaign was so hopeless (even if i was always going to vote for mr. o) but now it's become such a circus act, it feels like we're watching a rival frat house trying to out-boo the nerds next door.

    ms. palin is little more than a coat of cheap pink paint on a crumbly old house.

  2. You're probably right--it will be interesting to see if any of this buzz can be maintained. You never know though, there's always the chance that either campaign could have a little October surprise that ends up changing everything.

  3. i suspect that the "october surprise" is hiding in mccain's cheeks. there's got to be something totally rad in there.