Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Goose

Remember when we'd go over to Tony's house and his dad would walk in and say, "Whatcha up to, Goose?" And his mom would cook microwave pizzas and give us Snapples?

Good old Tony.


  1. Hey Thanks Jed,

    I was going to write a post about birthdays, and while having people say happy birthday and give cards and calls and such are very nice and wonderful, I just wish everyone knew it was your birthday on the day so they would give you a freaking break sometimes!

    Case in point: in my theater history class today I didn't realize there were two additional readings on top of the plays we read. Not knowing we had the readings, I didn't DO the readings, not because I didn't want to, just because I DIDN'T KNOW.

    Well we started discussing the readings, and the professor took notes as to who made comments and graded them as such, I'm sure I got a great big F for the day.

    I wanted to be like "c'mon, it's my birthday, give me a freakin' break!"and then we'd all break out cake and candles and no more work would be done or required for the day, but I couldn't, and nobody in class knew it was my birthday, because I didn't tell them, so I was hosed.

    But.. to quote the dude from the heavy blinkers, who are rad by the way, thanks for the shout. It warmed the cockles of my cold black heart.

  2. Two more things,

    I wonder if my dad knew that calling me 'goose' in front of my friends embarrassed me just a tinge?

    we were a young handsome bunch weren't we? If I remember right this was the publicity shot for "Undone", hence no Rob. What a few years have done to our hunkiness. I'm not taking just about Mikey...but I'm basically talking about Mikey.

  3. Happy Birthday T-bone! You sir, are the man. I'm glad none of my professors graded by how much we commented in class. In my 2 film theory classes, I read about half of the material, commented a total of once in the two semesters and still got a B+ (because I didn't reference any of the readings in my final paper) and an A. What I do wish is that the readings were something I was interested in, cuz I like reading and junk. Assign me Brothers Karamazov or something. I'll read it! But not the complete works of Roland Barthes.

  4. Amen to Jed's post. Always the organizer, always the loyal friend.

  5. yeah, i always wondered if we were allowed to call you goose, but seeing as how none of us ever tried it, we must have sensed it wasn't cool. i guess it would have been like all of you calling me boomer. that's just not going to fly.

    that is the 'undone' shot. i went all the way to byu newsnet to find it. along the way i got to peruse all the other times we showed up in said publication. searching "tony gunn" yields quite a haul. have you tried it?

  6. tony is my friend
    i lobe he
    he good gy
    he play hard.

  7. Happy Birthday Tony. My first real memory of you is that I thought my Dad had a man crush on you. I think you were in his Sunday School class at church. It was a pretty rough class but apparently you were always so nice and quiet. Every week he would come home and tell me what a great kid you were and how I should get to know you better. When we did become better friends, I know deep in his heart he was pleased. Hope your thirtieth was great.

  8. Sorry I'm a little late with the congratulations. It's probably because I'm still in a haze from being pummeled by Holmes in fantasy football. Tone, happy b-day. Thanks for always being a good friend and being instrumental in getting me involved in things I would have never tackled on my own (e.g., PHS musicals and plays). I remember sitting at my parent's piano with Tony while he tried to help me learn how to sing "16 Tons" for the Music Man auditions. Thanks Tone.

  9. You guys are sweethearts.

    I haven't had to read any Barthes yet, but I just got done reading Debord. These Marxists take themselves so seriously.

    I was quite a nice young lad to Bro. Russon. He would always give enthusiastic, well prepared lessons, and we gave him nothing. We would just sit there. Worst Sunday School studetns EV-HER!

    And I do remember helping Duerden sing. It is quite amazing all the theatrical type stuff all of our friends ended up doing, Mat singing and doing a tango with a bad wig on. Kirk dressing like a woman (several times), Naoto getting crushed on stage in front of hundreds of people. Ahh memories.

  10. don't forget guido lying dead under a couch for an hour only to be unveiled for the last 5 minutes of the show. remember when the couch broke and guido rammed his elbow under the lame corner to keep it level just so that gavin and cara would be comfortable?

    that's dedication. and someone taught him that-- i'm going to bet that someone was tone.

  11. Sorry this is so late, but I wanted to also wish you a happy thirtieth. My first memories or tony were of our jr. jazz team with (I think) David McKinnon, Ryan Maag and Zach Ellison. Was Duerden on that team as well? Bro. Gunn was our coach and we mastered the give and go. I also remember riding up to the jazz game in LIPCHIZ.

  12. Yeah, I believe the give n' go was the beginning and end of my dad's basketball ability.

    I still have fond memories of our high school Jr. Jazz league, playing in the 'B' league with Kirk as head coach and 37 assistant coaches dressed in suits and as banshees on the sidelines.

    I remember once when Rob put down a hard foul on a Timpview kid who had a fast break layup. The kid pushed Rob and INSTANTLY our bench cleared coming to his defense. That Timpview kid backed off with the fear of the almighty in his eyes.

  13. That Jr. Jazz league was great. That was really the first time I ever played any consistent basketball in my life because you guys talked me into it. Our signature as a team was our warm up outfits. One week we wore bicycle helmets to warm up. Didn't we wear bath robes to warm up another time?