Saturday, June 21, 2008

Three Minute Play Time!

It's far past time for me to return to playwriting. I've been meaning to for awhile, and for some reason I never get around to it. Perhaps it's because theater and plays are, shall we say, a bit antiquated. Or perhaps it's because the Internet with all of it's wonderful media has destroyed my ability to foc... What was I writing about? I don't remember. Maybe I'll watch that Russian dude go ape again.

ANYWAY. As a way to prime the ol' pump I'd like you, devoted Provonian readers and friends, even well wishers, to give me the following info and I'll write a three minute play based on my favorite ideas.

1. Two character names (Like Travis and Trent)

2. A location (Moose's Basement)

3. An item in the location that may come into play or may not (A bong or something)

4. A sample line of dialogue. (Dude, you smell like you've been playing contra for eight hours.)

I'll write the play next Friday and post it, if you want to be considered please comment before Friday June 27th at noon MDT.

Thanks everyone!


  1. Okay, I'll bite:

    1. Luca Toni and Cristiano Ronaldo

    2. A bar in the Zurich airport.

    3. A life-size statue of Freddie Mercury

    4. "You know, I'm kind of a big deal."

  2. 1. Wilhelm and Dynasty.

    2. Post Office.

    3. CuisineArt.

    4. "Have you seen the new Nancy Drew movie?"

  3. Whoa! Benson and I posted almost simultaneously.

  4. Yeah, well, yours is better.

  5. 1. Dracula and Chocula

    2. Cruise ship

    3. Teddy bear

    4. "I can always go back to the D.Q. They said they'd take me back. I'll always have a place at the D.Q."

  6. 1. Sputnik and Gravlox

    2. A beach in Mykonos, Greece

    3. A craps table

    4. "That guy's coming home in a body bag."

  7. Frank Layden and Vanilla Ice.


    A softball glove

    "You know, I live behind wal~mart?

  8. 1. Jessica and Brianne Arnold

    2. Honks $1.05 store

    3. A Bubble Blower in the shape of a robotic skull

    4. "So which one of Brandon's friends would you go out with?"

  9. mmmm... brandie's sisters.


  10. 1. Tim Castleberry and Cory Black

    2. WallDrug

    3. A foam/mesh hat

    4. "Nuts to you McGillicuddy."

  11. 1. Travis and Troy

    2. A classroom at a drama competition

    3. A collapsible knife

    4. "Twavis I fo'got my line."

  12. Just saw the last two. Twavis & Twoy!!!!!! I forgot all about that. Brilliant memory there. For those who don't know the story, Mikey and I did a scene at regional drama competition (at Payson) and there were two special ed kids doing a scene. Anyway, they were awesome. Troy kept forgetting his lines so he would say, "Travis, I forgot my line. What is it?" And then Troy, obviously upset, would say, "I don't know, just make something up!" I think they both had trouble saying their R's so it funny and pretty endearing.