Monday, June 9, 2008

The Problem with Facebook and a few random thoughts

With much prodding, mainly from Chris Bentley, I've finally started a Facebook account, and I'm leery to say the least. For every three or four people I'm happy to "become friends" with (Provoian Staff, GVP, Rob Gibbs, Benson, Ryan Dunkleman) their's one that I really don't want to "become friends" with (Big Papa).

There's a great sense of now what-ness to it. There's many people I am now "friends" with that I don't have anything good to say to them. As tempted as I am to say 'Sup dude!' to Kym Olberg or Rhino I'm just not feeling it.

But, Lesley has two long lost friends, and if it weren't for Facebook they would never, and I mean never contact each other, so I see real benefits, I just think I'm far to anti-social and backward to participate too heavily in the virtual mingling. Can't these people just let me stay in my hole?

Other things...

1. What happened to Holme's posts? It was not long ago that I was gently rebuked for not posting. What moving to Kansas? Don't have time to blog anymore? To big?

2. This one's for Benson, how come the economy hates me, and what can I do about it?

3. This one's for Mikey.

It seems like Mikey could play Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. I also think Mikey would play ALL of Jack Black roles better than Jack Black, he's the white, famous, chubbier Mikey.


  1. Ouch, called out for not posting! I just have to beg forgiveness until the end of July after I defend this cursed PhD. Then a steady stream of awesome posts will resume!

    Facebook--After the initial euphoria of finding all my old friends I have come to view it less as a place to interact with friends and more as an enhanced social directory. I know I won't interact on any meaningful level with the majority of my Facebook friends--but I know how to reach them if I ever need to.

  2. jayne and i can't get over mikey's cruel twist of fate that the whiter, chubbier jack black made it to the scene first. even in his interviews-- nay, ESPECIALLY in his interviews-- on leno or whatever, black looks, moves and pronounces things like mikey. only a lot stupider and a lot less cool.

  3. about Mikey--I'm in town with my family right now and we just went and saw "Kung Fu Panda" last night--you know, Jack Black does the voice?
    My youngest brother--10 yrs younger than me said "Didn't those sweet kung fu moves remind you of Mikey Padaken?"
    And I thought, oh yes. It should've been Mikey.

  4. I thought Jack Black was Mikey, you know like a screen name...I feel so betrayed. It also explains why Jack never returns my calls.

  5. My dear brothers and sisters, I thank you for your kind words. However, I am but a 'umble school teacher. The only audience I need is a group of young minds. (Preferably in jars)

  6. Hmm...I wrote out a response to Tony's question about the economy, and thought it posted, but I guess it didn't make it through the internet.

    It was a long, labored, unintelligible analogy comparing the economy to an ornery neighborhood dog. It was pretty good stuff, but I guess Blogger didn't want it out there, fomenting discontent and instigating riots of Biblical proportions ("It's in Revelation, people!").

    Also, I don't know if anyone has seen the Facebook in Real Life video, but it's pretty funny (with some PG-13 language, just FYI).

  7. Hey all--a question. What do you do when you get a friend request from someone who you just can't remember? I've had three or four of these where I can tell they are someone who may have gone to PHS and we have friends in common but I honestly can't place them or ever remember talking to them. The first time I just accepted the friend invite but my latest thought is to let the invite sit unanswered for a while and then click the ignore button. I figure most people don't keep track of all of the people they send friend requests to anyway and then I don't have to make the effort to figure out who my "friend" is anyway.