Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday Distractions

Because I have nothing better to do (don't tell my employers) and because I care.

Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane - Watch more free videos

That's because we're brain dead voyeurs and it's awesome to watch a perfect stranger lose his mind.

This is because we need some culture in our lives but don't want to be caught doing it. Here is a clever way of getting your daily dose of nutritious literature under the glossy guise of corporate power points. Sure to fool even the nosiest supervisors.

And this is because we are all sanctimonious b**tards and we love to rub our piety in the faces of those who aren't towing the line.

(Yes, that site is totally real.)

Have a great week, sinners.


  1. Part of me wants to think the dude going ape is staged, but the other part of me is mildly appalled that no one DOES ANYTHING! The people who just sit there and watch, what are they thinking? And when the one dude takes him on and grabs the lamp and shoves him over, why aren't anyone helping him?

    At my work two dudes got in a fist fight and the line cooks jumped right in and separated them. It's weird at a place with 20 people in cubicles the main reaction is to do nothing or to run away. Weird.

  2. I checked this thing out on the Snopes forum and the consensus seemed to be that it was real. Apparently there was also some cell phone footage of it and they were speaking Russian. Two observations:

    1. Look how closed together those desks are. It's no wonder he went postal.

    2. I agree with Tony. If I had a justifiable reason to take someone down hard--like if someone threw a computer monitor at a woman--I would rally the men in the office and go to work. Now, that guy looked pretty big, but come on . . . The men in that office need to turn in their man cards because they wasted their chance to go ape on somebody.

  3. there is a second piece of footage, with sound. you can see a dude toward the end of the first video come out of a supply room or something with a camera. he catches the tazers (sp?) and the final take down. i thought about posting it too, but thought i'd given enough time to the subject.

    twice, in malta, josh dunn took on the not-so-innocents on the street in defense of the innocent. once was with a dude selling a puppy (the dude was abusing the animal). josh took the puppy and threatened to beat the man if he didn't take better care of it. the other time he jumped on the back of a guy punching out a little dude and held his arms behind his back. the man was so stunned to have this american monk pin him, he stopped cold. broke up the fight immediately. good old josh dunn.

    where have all the cowboys gone?

  4. here's the second angle.

  5. Hey thanks for the second angle. Ironically, or non-ironically, I noticed that dude filming the second time I watched it and wondered what his film looked like. A few more thoughts now that I've seen both.

    Definitely not staged. It's weird that the guy is front and center in the security camera and never leaves the frame, but the second camera, recording ANOTHER camera mind you, seals the deal. This dude really went ape.

    And something about it being it Russia makes it totally understandable. For some reason this sort of thing happening in the US is incomprehensible...but in Russia?

    Also I agree with Rob, frankly something like this would never happen where I work because 1. We don't have cubicles two feet away from some other dude, and 2. Dudes at my work would intervene. Bell Hops, Front Desk, Waiters, Line Cooks, it doesn't matter where the issue took place, SOMEONE would intervene Josh Dunn Style.

    Man, I love that Josh Dunn.