Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Remi Gaillard Where Have You Been All My Life?


  1. It was like this every day on my mission...

    "It is in doing nothing in particular that you become no one in particular"

    I think that may be what they were going for. You could also plausibly exchange "nothing in particular" and "no one in particular" with "anything" and "anyone", respectively, but that doesn't quite fit, IMHO.

    Also, the golf club-shaped bruise was awesome.

  2. Doh I forgot about the profane subtitles in the pacman clip!

  3. These are great. Very funny.

    I must admit that it's fun watching someone be obnoxious to the point where others have no choice but to deal with them violently.

    Also, pretty gutsy to pick up someone's golf ball. Golfers get SUPER UPPITY when you do stuff like that. Just ask Jed or my brother Alex.