Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One More Time?

The NFL schedule came out yesterday. I, with eager anticipation, looked over Buffalo's schedule, hoping for a game in San Diego or Denver. Maybe Seattle or Arizona. While another get together seemed unlikely I couldn't help but look over the schedule and daydream a bit.

The furthest west the Bills come...Kansas City...AGAIN!

I thought it was weird that they'd play the same non-division team in the same location for two years in a row (upon some investigating it's been three years in a row), But there it is.

On top of that, it's on Halloween. "So Honey, what do you think? I know I said last year was a once in a lifetime thing, and I'll miss the trick or treating, but...c''s Kirk! This could be the last chance I get..."

That Kansas City trip was boss. Loved it. I would love to go back to the pizza place (someone help me out with the name) , the Hi-Boy, and to the county jail restaurant and get more chicken and waffles, but I sorta promised myself I'd never go back to Eden unless I was with my family on some sort of Church History trip.


If memory serves correctly DH is moving to upstate NY. So, really any home game is in play there. (if in fact Dr DH is moving to upstate NY like I think I remember.)

Other interesting dates/sites.

November 7 against Chicago in Toronto
December 5 in Minnesota
December 19 in Miami

I'm not saying anything. I'm not throwing any ideas anywhere. Heaven knows that we couldn't make this a yearly...


  1. Syracuse, NY to be exact. 2 hrs east of Buffalo. I'll be attending as many home games as possible, perhaps I'll even purchase season tickets, if they're available. I think there are direct flights from SLC to Buffalo. Niagra falls is a short 30 min drive north of Buffalo. You guys pick the game/games, I'll acquire the tickets. Our wives will understand (right???), sometimes once in a life time experiences come around for a second round.

    Some dates to think about...
    10/3- Jets @ Bills
    11/7-Bears @ Bills (Toronto)
    11/28-Steelers @ Bills
    12/12- Browns @ Bills
    12/26- Patriots @ Bills (Christmas dinner @ my house! certain to be a family pleaser!)

  2. In in! Assuming Kirk makes the team of course.

  3. I would avoid the game in Toronto. The tickets to that game can be quite expensive. Also, there are no direct flights between SLC and the B-Lo.

  4. Upstate NY? That would be great. I'm not saying I can do it or anything.

  5. Minnesota might be an easy trip because Minnesota is a Delta hub, so is SLC, so cheap tickets can be had easily.

    Of course Moose is going to make the team... He's working out day and night right now so he can play another season just so we can get another get together.