Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let's give it up for Kirk

That's what we get for inviting a pro athlete into the pool.

Kirk won the Provoian Staff Tournament Challenge. He gets lunch on me.

Of course, he already owed me lunch.


Maybe we'll go out to eat and each pay for ourselves.

Here's the final scores.

Kirk 1090
Marylin 730
Tone 700
Brandy 650
Gil 610
Beau 530
Holmes 490
Padeken 460
Wade H. 450
Kevin C. 450
Duerden 420

Thanks folks, and next year maybe BYU will make it into the elite eight.


  1. I started strong and was certain General Picker was out of the running from the get go. Oh well, congrats Kirk.

  2. Someone told me the consolation prize was a life sized cardboard cut out of Greg Ostertag! Yes, please email me so I can get you a mailing address. He's going to look awesome next to my life sized Kurt Rambus bobble head figure.