Monday, January 19, 2009

What's up with credit songs

Maybe it's just me but have you ever noticed that the songs played at the end of movies during the credits seem like complete mismatches? I've often come away from a movie thinking who the heck picked that song? Well I decided that whoever that person is, assuming that it's the same guy or girl who picks all credit songs for all moves (which I'm pretty sure is the case), really stinks at their job. In an effort to improve the whole movie/credit song match effort I'm offering some humble suggestions. First I'll list some movie classics followed by what I think are the perfect credit songs. I'm sure that as you envision the following songs playing during the credits of these great movies you'll think, "wow Duerden really has a talent for this stuff, he should get that person's job who picks all the movie credit songs, and I should probably mail him $5." Here goes:

Happy Gilmore-----"The Fabric of Our Lives" (the cotton theme song) by Aaron Neville
Dark Knight-----"Grandma's Feather Bed" by John Denver
Home Alone-----"Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson
Encino Man-----"From a Distance" (the world looks blue and green) by Julie Gold
ET-----"Highway to the Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins

and finally

Mr Smith Goes to Washington-----"Kiss from a Rose" by Seal

I've got a lot more gems like these matches but I don't want to give away my whole arsenal in my first post. I do have to admit that I think almost any movie would benefit ending with a "Kiss from a Rose" by Seal, probably the greatest song ever written...I wish Neal Diamond would do a cover of that song that would blow my mind.


  1. Mat, you're like magic! I agree with every word you said!!

  2. I remember in my 11th grade seminary class we all had to fill out a spotlight sheet with information about yourself so we could all be best friends. Under favorite song Wally Bretinstein wrote "kiss from a rose" and all the girls ahh-ed.

    I think every closing credits should be accompanied by either a Korn or a Linkin Park song. Angry up the blood nice and good before you leave the theater.

  3. Mat you have your finger on the pulse of the nation! I just watched All Dogs Go to Heaven (oops) and was really perplexed that the closing credits song was "Love Survives." It didn't seem super relevant to the story.

    Good old Wally!

  4. Here's a few more:
    Citizen Kane: "Don't Stop Thinkin' About Tomorrow" by whoever did that.

    It's a Wonderful Life: "Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine.

    The Matrix: "Mr. Robato" by Styx.

    Psycho: "Invisible Touch" by Genesis.

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: "Pour some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard

    Indiana Jones 4: "Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer" (a horrible song for a horrible film)