Friday, January 23, 2009

Look at those dogs go!

Believe it or not, the BYU theater department is letting me direct one of the productions on its season this year. The show, Go, Dog. Go! opens on February 3 and runs through the 14th in the Nelke theater, yes that's the same theater many of you performed in with my various class projects and plays.

I hope you'll all forgive some own horn tooting, but I'm pretty happy with the way the show is turning out. Arranged throughout this post are five of the publicity photos, and, as you can see, our costume and make up designer, Amber Wilson, has done a pretty bang up job on these dogs. Trust me when I say that our other designers, Heather Star for scenery and Katie Orr for props, have done an awesome job as well. Lesley, you wife, did a wonderful job with the choreography, making it both beautiful and funny, which is sort of rare mix.

This is theater for young audiences, so any of you with kids (aged K- 3rd grade most ideal) should bring the family. And with a running time of just around 40 minutes hopefully we'll keep the little ones' attention. I figure if my daughter can make it though the 108 minutes of The Tale of Despereaux she should be able to make it through this.

The play is based on the P.D. Eastman book of the same name, is that all ready totally obvious?, and the adaptation is pretty ingenious. The playwrights (Allison Gregory and Steven Dietz) took the dialogue directly from the book, and then framed it with vaudeville comedy gags and silent film sounding music, by Michael Koerner, and turned a book that's very simple into a play that's really a lot more fun than it has any right to be.

I'm also lucky to have the cast that I have. I had six parts to fill and...five people showed up to auditions. Lucky for me all five of them are freaking awesome, and one of them recruited a friend for the last part who is equal in awesomeness as the other five. What could have been a disaster has turned into a completely and total pleasant surprise.

So if you're anywhere around the Provo area come and see it. Bring the kids, or the neighbors kids.

Wow, I didn't mean for this post to be so obnoxiously self promoting, sorry about that.

But, can I tell you all something in confidence? I think you should see this play.


  1. Tony-
    When is it? We'd love to come! My kids love that book!

  2. Ok--Doy, I just read the first paragraph again. Sorry. We'll plan on it!

  3. It's a little hard to see the dates with all that blabbering going on in the post. Jayne, I'm just glad someone's showing interest.

  4. I told Matt about this and we are both really excited to take our little ones. The timing is great it is right around their birthdays. Glad you tooted your horn.

  5. I'm actually going to be in UT right then, so maybe we'll make it to! sounds fun and I bet my four year old would really appreciate it.

  6. I just saw it with the family last night-absolutely delightful. Each of the kids (ages 7, 5, and 2) loved it and laughed through the whole thing. Great work, Tone.