Friday, December 12, 2008

Since we're talking about football in suits...

Here's Brandy's loving homage to the yearly game.

I believe this year is the eighth installment, the seventh? Anyone know for sure?

Also, how do we get our hands on the pics through the years? I'm have a few years stashed away (heaven knows how I got them) but if someone (Jed) has copies I'd like to see them.

Also if Holmes or Duerden have a copy of the first year group pic we need to put that baby on the site.


  1. I bet I can dig up the original photos when I look for all the other old Provonian junk over the break.

    The first year was in 1997 and then we had two after missions in 2000 and 2001. I don't know how regularly it has been held since then because I was in NC thereafter.

  2. I believe it's been every year except 2007. We've played at 'suit football field' (across from the MOA) every year until they put in that waterfall thing.

    Since then we've played at the football field at PHS and at Lions park.

    Over the years we've played in all conditions. One year there was a big ramp made of snow in middle of the field. I caught a pass over the middle and avoided a DH tackle when he tripped on it. I heard him thud behind me and started giggling, which enabled him to catch me before I scored.