Friday, December 19, 2008

Let's sort this out.

Two events that are of some importance...

Christmas get together on Dec. 22nd. The Mat(t)'s have generously offered their homes. I would prefer Duereden's parents house only in that it's closer (well, at least for some of us) and it will be a shorter distance for the guest I have in mind to travel (more on that in a second).

I think a starting time of around 6 pm would be good. Maybe bring easy party/snack type food, or maybe no food, come having eaten, or maybe we could chip in and get pizza.

I could bring the Wii, or not. We could play a game, or just chat. I really don't have an agenda, I just want everyone to have a good time, including the kids. I myself am stoked that Atti's going to be able to play with Elizabeth, Parley, Buda, Jackson, and any other children I perhaps don't know about.

NOW, here's the guest. A friend in my department is a professional face painter and said she'd be happy to come and paint the kids faces FOR FREE! Of course, I'd pass around an envelope, and collect some tips, and if anyone and everyone could pass on a few bucks that'd be nice. She's super talented and I think the kids would have a great time. Let me know if anyone/everyone wants this to happen.

Tuesday December 23rd. the 8th (I believe) edition of Football in Suits!

Pre-game warm up and social to start at 1 PM. Kick off at 1:30 pm.

If someone could make sure Kevin Chams knows, I haven't seen that guy in forever, and...sorta missed his I'd like to catch up.


Three distinct possibilities...

Lions Park

Pros: Probably quite private
Creek to tackle Holmes into
pavilion to stash our stuff in
Lots of parking

Cons: No hint of academia.
kind of a funny location.
no eatery's around

Westridge/Grandview Field

Pros: Privacy
lots of room
accessible parking

Cons: No hint of academia
no close eatery's

Field on the south side of campus (formerly the KMB)

Across the street from J-dawgs, and Smart Cookie
Big field

Cons: Parking (?) (There's an A lot right next to the field that will probably be deserted...)
Privacy (?) although 87% of the students will be long gone. There might still be slack jawed gawkers.

There's our options. I've put up a poll, please response and let your opinions be heard.


  1. Thanks for compiling all of this. It sounds great to me and we're good to go at my parents' place. Face painting sounds cool to except if its kind the could come off on carpet, etc. Jackson has a habit of running around really fast and then face planting. Paint on the couches might mean me and the family would have to spend the rest of the break in Jed's unfinished basement.

  2. This is Kevin. Tuesday sounds good. I won't be able to make it Monday night, but at least I'll be abele to crush all of you on Tuesday. Why isn't Fox Field being voted on? If we play there you'll at least be close to the hospital.

  3. I would like to make a suggestion--last year my in-laws did a graham-cracker house competition. i thought it was fun, I believe it would be a fun activity for us and for the kids, still letting us catch up. Let me know what you think, we could all pitch in and bring a bag of candy or whatever.

  4. I voted for KMB because part of the fun of it is having gawkers who think we're some escaped missionaries. Plus it'd be sweet to go skinny dipping in the campus plaza pool afterwards. Or at least head on over to Dew for lunch (in the basement of campus plaza). They've got these awesome vietnamese sandwiches and noodle bowls, and those smoothies with tapioca pearls in them. J-Dawgs rules too, but kinda cold standing outside, and I'm betting they'll be closed anyway.

  5. Are we sure there is actually grass at the "KMB field", last time I drove by it looked like it was actually a parking lot.

  6. Oh coarse there's grass on the field. Enough grass for co-eds to play frisbee on and fall in love.