Wednesday, December 24, 2008


And what is my Christmas gift to you? How about a gem of a holiday song from the 80's.

Ironically because of English taxes, I don't believe a dime from this song actually went to poor children in Africa, but this combination of pop stars made an enduring Christmas song, and bless 'em for it!

Hope everyone has a great Christmas.


  1. I had a great Christmas, and it was even greater because of this song.

  2. I wish I recognized more of the participants in this video. I recognize Bono, Sting, Phil Collins, George Michael, Boy George (of course), and there's the lead singer of Duran Duran (I don't know his name.)

    I wish I could watch the video with my 39-year-old sister because she'd know all of them, I'm sure. Are there any others that you guys recognize?

  3. I didn't realize Bono was such a smooth-faced dork in his early years.

  4. Bod Geldof is the organizer and the first singer, he also organized 'live aid' and 'live 8'.

    Simon LeBon is the Duran Duran singer (his name will forever be etched into my brain because of my sisters love of that band in the early 80's, and his face spattered around her room)

    I think Taliatha got all the major participants, apparently Kool and the Gang are there, but there's an a few faces that flash by that probably were big back then (Spandau Ballet anyone?) but haven't had the staying power as those one name wonders Sting and Bono.

    And Bono certainly got cooler with age.