Thursday, May 29, 2008

Take time to waste time

Part of my job is to wander around cyberspace and track what people are interested in. I'm supposed to take note of trends on YouTube and browse products, fashions and artists that might influence my work. Hence, I see a lot of premium fodder all day the keeps me from insanity, and I want to pass the savings on to you.

If you have nothing better to do, waste some time with me today. Below are some worthy traps for you attention. My apologies now for any language that may have gotten through.

Compilation of Reporters Getting Owned - Watch more free videos

And make sure you have some time to check out this whole campaign:


  1. Time well wasted. Some thoughts.

    It's obvious to me that reporters should never...

    1. Be taped in the snow

    2. Be taped riding or next to motorized vehicles

    3. Be taped handling animals

    4. Tape footage next to drunk people.

    Seriously, can we all agree that reporters should just NEVER do these things?

    The 'Punched in the Face' skit is a little to close to the "Ow, My Balls" show on "Idiocracy". I think it's a sure sign of the apocalypse.

    The SJP looks like a horse sight is easily the funniest/meanest sight I've seen in a while.

    Thanks for wasting my time.

  2. You get payed to do this? Sweet.

    I didn't watch them all yet, but three of those reporter ones were just brutal--the rest were pretty amusing.

    1. The guy getting run over by the horse. That had to do some MAJOR damage.

    2. The guy that gets hit by the plane--I wonder if that actually killed him. Very scary.

    3. The lady who falls off the platform while stomping on grapes. I'd seen that one before. It still makes me cringe because she sounds like she is in incredible pain.

  3. The reporter with the cat reminded me of my other favorite cat video: Pinky the Cat!

  4. Oh I just love those Brule's Rules! Can it get any funnier!!

  5. i felt sort of bad posting the SJP looks like a horse, but the different angles were so clever...

    nope. still feel bad.