Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spiritual Depantsing

As Les, Atti and I drove past PHS on our way home from 1$ scoop night at Baskin Robbins recently, Lesley noticed the electric board read something about how tardy make-up was this Saturday. This reminded her of the Tony Hawk appearance in our 'American Idol' skit where Dwerden's character shows up in the audition and gets confused as to where he is. After taking off his belt and dancing around while he thinks the 'Superman' theme he thinks "See ya, tardy make-up!" And leaves.

The memory of this skit reminded me of the tradition to remove ones pants in ones final tardy make up session. To my recollection this was started by Brandy and Watts (and there was one more, Chris Lindsay?) who dropped trou during there final session while Jed and I looked on in awe.

Guido was alone for his final make up session, but he honored the new tradition. So, when the time came for my final session I considered it my duty and my honor to follow in the footsteps of those who went before.

I remember vividly that I had on red boxers with a green stripe. Mikey sat next to me and wore long white boxer briefs. About ten minutes in one of the monitor-types (I honestly don't know her name) walked in front of me and got down into my face.

Monitor: You need to pull your pants up.

ME: (Playing dumb)Uh...what?

Monitor: You're going to have to pull your pants up.

ME: (As if I didn't know they were down) Oh! Oh yeah. (Pulls pants up.)

Now I don't know what's funnier, the fact that I got caught or the fact that Mikey DIDN'T, he was sitting right next to me, and as the monitor walked off I remember him trying his hardest not to bust-up. He sat in his de-pantsed state for the entire session, and at the end he triumphantly walked out of the auditorium with his pants around his ankles.

Who else participated in this tradition?


  1. U da man. I didn't frequent tardy makeup enough to take the opportunity. I did have to go a couple of times, though. Once I saw some kid do an army crawl down the aisle and out the side door of the auditorium where escaped to freedom.

  2. I totally forgot about that tradition. I do have some faint recollection of it now. But I do remember walking down the main hallway past the office with our pants down on the last day of school. With all the so called "rebelliousness" of my students, they don't hold a candle to our PHS escapades.

  3. Rats. I looked forward to taking part in this tradition, but by some twist of fate I managed to not need to do any make up in my last semester of my senior year, which astounds me because I did so much of it every other term of every other year.

  4. Wow. I had no idea. I only ever went to tardy makeup once I think. Looks like I missed out.