Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gems from the Pens of Students (Part 6)

This is the final installment in this edifying series. I hope you have enjoyed it.

The Black Death left several dead.

With no parents, birth rates dropped.

The death rates were high and so were the mortality rates.

Puberty was considered, as it is today, the onslaught of adulthood.

The first step in Mormon history was the beginning.

Hertz told Caruso to sing. He did. At the top of his lunges, and at the top of his form.

Steam engines were better than using coal.

While growing up Bismarck became somewhat distant to his mother when she sent him to a boarding school.

Three types of prostitutes could be found. First was the kept woman or the cortizone.

There are countless people with doctorates in the history field. Most of them have no clue about history.

On the other hand, the author describes vividly the way Elizabeth of England held her subjects in the palm of her hand and got them to be willing to give their all in her behalf. For instance, in chapter 29 he describes her visit to Tilbury, where she exposed herself to her army. He describes how the army went wild and begged for the chance to fight the Spanish.

Sigmund Freud: He is know[n] for contributing to the knowledge of things while someone is unconscious.

Sigmund Freud: Of Jewish heritage, he moved to Vienna with his family at a young age, but never did like the city, because of the anti-semantic feelings there.

Q: Would you agree with the contention that World War I was inevitable?
A: Yes. There was too much contention and confusion in Europe for something major not to happen.

War was spoken of as something that was inevitable and something that was bound to happen.

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  1. You've gotta love what students write on exams. I remember years ago sitting in my office hours and having to explain to a confused student why she couldn't contrast the catholics and the christians.