Friday, August 17, 2007

Random Memories Part II: Freshmen Year at BYU

Since Benson complained about not being able to relate to our PHS postings I thought I'd humor him with some of my fondest memories from freshmen year at BYU and living in Heritage Halls.

-The first memory actually occurred before school started when Rob and I received the names of our soon to be roommates. We immediately began creating elaborate assumed identities for these new roommates and spent a large portion of the summer talking about them. None of them were remotely on target.

-For some reason we decided to not throw away any of our empty milk cartons. We kept them in the kitchen and observed the various starges of fermentation and decay that occured. Then when they were ripe we'd take them into the parking lot and hit them baseball bats.

-After noticing a man wearing a suite made out of pop cans in a random scene in Searching for Bobby Fisher we decided to create our own pop can suites to wear to the BYU vs. Utah football game. We spent weeks scouring recycling bins across campus and collected a lot of cans. Then we spent an entire evening constructing our masterpieces. They were a big hit at the game. Except we left a trail of pop cans to and from the stadium. Oh yeah, and some bully standing behind us pushed or said something to Van der Horst so Rob threw an empty pop can at him which hit him in the face when he wasn't looking.

-Sandburg watching Hunt for Red October repeatedly and a odd hours.

-Benson singing punk/music really loud.

-When our apartment caught and fire and instead of getting up and doing something about it Rob and I tried to go back to bed.

-Dancing around the lamp of passion.

-Playing Myth.

-Benson dumping lemon pepper in pudding and ruining it, I'll never forgive you!

-Trying to jump across the canal.

-Running out of the Varsity Theater after watching Air Force 1 and proceeding to race across the street to the lawn building where a large group of us tried to jump over a line of bushes not realizing their was 4 foot drop off on the other side.

-What else?


  1. We had two dreams freshman year that I am glad never materialized. 1) Bathing in a tub completely filled with ramen noodles. 2) Waiting out in the dumpster behind Winchell's at closing time in hopes that we would get all of the extra donuts thrown out at the end of the day.

  2. A few comments (since this post was apparently for me):

    - The bully at the football game who harassed Tim and got a pop can in the face from Rob ended up being my roommate in the MTC.

    - It was garlic salt, not lemon pepper, in your pudding. I still use that little prank (plus the time that Mat and I soaked Rob with a bucket full of water that we triggered to fall on him on April fools day, which apparently made him so mad that he tore the bucket apart with his bare hands) as a good example of why I stay away from practical jokes - I always feel bad about it afterwards, and they're never as funny in practice as I imagine them to be beforehand.

    Some things I would include in my list of freshman memories:

    - The time that Rob shredded a phone book with a large claw hammer that had been sitting around our kitchen for some reason.

    - The inaugural football in suits game

    - How little patience Mark Litchfield (our sixth roommate) seemed to have with us. Once he was looking over my CD collection and asked me if I owned any "normal" music.

  3. The freshman memory that my children love to hear over and over occurred just after Halloween. Rob and those boys were our FHE brothers and they were always doing weird stuff, so we thought it was really funny (and typical Robison 124) when we found on our doorstep a moldy jack-o-lantern with a knife in it and a note that said "You." We thought it would serve them right to fill the pumpkin with the most delicious looking caramel popcorn that they, of course, would be unable to eat because of the disgusting mold. We dropped it on their doorstep and waited around the corner. We could hear Mat say, "Ooh, popcorn!"
    He ended up eating a bunch of the popcorn because: 1. he wasn't wearing his contacts and 2. their apartment hadn't been the ones to leave the jack-o-lantern so he had no idea it was moldy. I guess his roommates eventually stopped him and they all called up angry. I think Rob even swore (he says he didn't). Priceless!

  4. Taliatha, you don't think that sliding an open can of tuna fish under our sofa that went undiscovered for several weeks trumps the moldy popcorn as the better prank?

    I think we might have left that pumpkin on your doorstep, by the way. I seem to vaguely remember knifing up a pumpkin, and thinking it was hilarious. Does anyone remember?

  5. I don't remember putting the pumpkin there--but it could have been you and somebody else.

  6. All I can remember now is that I wish I would've hung out with youguys freshman year instead of the nerds I hung out with.
    It would've been a lot more fun, and lot more violent. Yes.

  7. OK I do have one. I remember going to the BYU game where we played Stanford and seeing Kirk. And we were so proud of him even though he was on the other team. That was fun.

    And I think we yelled "moooooooose"

  8. "I love Tim Castleberry/Do you love Tim Castleberry?"

  9. Yes! The Castleberry song. I Remembered that great tune a couple of weeks ago and I was trying to explain to Chenae why it was both incredibly funny and pure genious.

  10. I want Castleberry to hold me, I want Castleberry's arms around me . . . baby!