Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Random High School Memories

Rob's ode to Mikey made me wax nostalgic about the good old high school days. In no particular order I thought I would share a couple of gems:

-Jed's birthday in Journalism. We asked Piercy-Pierce before class if she would call Jed up to the front of the room at a predetermined time during class so we could "surprise" him for his birthday. Little did she know that there about 10 guys waiting in the hallway to tackle him. I can't decide which was better. Jed's face as he got creamed by a bunch of guys running into the classroom or Mrs. Pierce screaming in shock as her classroom was invaded by birthday well wishers.

-This Journalism memory reminded me of a couple other choice memories from that class:
-Rob's picture captions:
Picture: Jason Hutchinson making a diving catch during a football game
Caption: Hutchnuts Eats a Fat One
-Having numerous stories censored and rejected because they had nothing to do with "reality". . . but they were funny.
-Having to go to the principals office to explain to Patti H. that the Ozark Boy series wouldn't be racist.

-Hiding behind the poles in the commons and tackling people as they walked by.

-Bizzing behind the Omni with Kirk at the wheel. It was great fun until we got pulled over by the cops.

-Kirk dunking the basketball on somebody's hoop by Annie Evan's house and snapping the pole in half.

-The first Star Wars assembly.

-The feeling of euphoria we felt after successfully pulling off the RSC Extravaganza and then watching it later and realizing it was really really long.
-Oh yeah and getting to drive sophie into the school.

-Wrestling Kirk at Angie Heaston's house. It was Kirk against Rob, Waltz and myself. It ended with me giving Kirk a wedgie and then with him flying through air, landing on top of me, smashing my ribs, and me having to go to the emergency room.

-Making posters in student government. We had to make so many posters a week, but I rarely remember making any that were actually informative. Jed made a great one for the golf team that said something like "eat blood, drink blood, play golf." Tony made one that said "everyone has a ticket to state tournament, even the giant blob" and it had a great picture of giant blob with a ticket. We also made giant Chinese lanterns one time and hung them from the ceiling in main hall.

-Random theme weeks. Adam Keefe week. Booty days (where everyone was supposed to wear boots of goulashes). Funk week. I remember that we turned one of the dances into a funk dance and lots of people got mad because we wouldn't play country or slow songs, it was awesome.

-Naoto dressing like Mr. Melendez-Christensen and Kirk tackling him during the Extravaganza.

-Filming the Scarlet Letter at Jed's house.

I could go on and on. Anyways, good memories. What are some of yours?


  1. Wow, where to start? Here's one that goes back to good old Dixon days. Remember the parties they would throw for perfect attendance or Panther Payoffs? I was in Mrs. Greer's German class and the good kids were getting out of class to go to the party. As I was leaving Matt D'H somehow convinced me to slip him my ticket back through the door once I got through. I did it and didn't think anything of it . . . but somebody must have noticed. The next day I got called down to talk with one of the assistant principals (can't remember her name). As I went into the office, with no clue why I'm there, I noticed a visibly nervous Mat Duerden waiting as well. In the principal's office I told her, "Gee I didn't even think how that was unethical." (It wasn't unethical, it was dishonest.) So I got a little talking to and then they were going to send Mat in. By then I had figured out what was going on and told them they had the wrong Mat. So thanks for getting both of us in trouble D'H!

  2. How about when Mat kicked a hole in my uncle's basement wall? Good times.

  3. I thought about mentioning the hole in Ashley's Aunt's basement wall, but it wasn't my fault Walters smashed me into that wall. Steve and I told her that we knew all about fixing holes in walls, which we didn't, but I think we ended up doing a nice patch job. I did notice later that a Karl Malone poster was strategically placed over our patch job.

  4. Your Scarlet Letter video was far superior to ours...the one memory I have from ours is that Jake "Buck" Mangum and Andy Ollerton blamed me for the opening scene where we find out exactly what went in to getting a Scarlet Letter, even though they were the ones who acted in the scene. I think that I was known for that as much as anything other than my political leanings.
    There was Kirk's announcements as Darth Vader, the Underground Provonian fiasco, donut runs in all their forms, the Science Olympiad/Science Bowl trips, PHS sports - there was nothing that I liked more than a well placed "nice pseudopod!" taunt from the crowd.
    One of my favorite things was in Ms. March's class when Ross and I started a "feud" that we managed to have last throughout the school year. Then when she tried to separate us because we were too disruptive, we just taunted each other from across the room, completely nullifying anything she tried to do. It culminated with the epic sumo match at the Senior Class party where we drummed up our match all night and then proceeded to go to overtime, only to have Ross sidestep me at the last second to win. There were definitely some good times.

  5. I always thought you guys were the ultimate in coolness. But now I realize that hanging out with you could have caused me severe bodily and/or property damage. Maybe my nerdiness actually saved my life.

  6. Provo High? What is this? I didn't understand a single word of this post (not one). I might have to delete my subscription to this blog feed.

  7. Sorry Benson. You're welcome here but you'll have to find another forum for Skyline nostalgia. It's all GREEN AND WHITE pride here BABY!

  8. So many memories, so little space. I remember getting the same b-day treatment for my 16th birthday in the choir room. I tried to make a break for it and go out the other door but I think you guys had like three dudes at that door too. I also remember someone hitting me with a really long cardboard tube during that exchange. I am sure that Val wasn't amused, but everybody in the choir thought I was pretty cool after that. Best birthday ever.

  9. The birthday beat downs were sweet. I'd forgotten that we got Younger Holmes too. Yes! When I got the beat down Guido came into the class looking for me right at the start of class. I couldn't tell what was up until the mob spilled through the door and pounded me good.

    Another Younger Holmes memory that we all enjoy, but he hates, is when we were all stage diving at a stomp. Through some strange group behavior, we all sort of stopped catching guys right as Jesse Clark was about to jump off. The group dispersed and poor Rich was left standing alone only to get taken down Jesse.

  10. Oh yeah, one more. Along the lines of "theme" days and weeks. One day Mat and I made a vow of silence for the day. We each wrote a list of a few words that the other guy could say. It only lasted a few class periods before we mutually agreed that it wasn't any fun and most people weren't impressed since they didn't know what was going on.

  11. I was going to mention the day of silence, what a sweet idea that wasn't quite as sweet when actually applied in real life. Speakin of younger Holmes how about when he and some of his hoodlum friends bought a shopping cart full of jock straps at DI, painted them green and we all snuck them into the PHS vs. Timpview basketball game and on a predetermined cue starting throwing them around in the crowd. Genius!

  12. OK, I have one. How about that when Mat got smashed by Kirk he was supposed to go to the Valentine's dance with me, but of course couldn't because he was smashed.
    Then on that Valentine's dance date we went to BYU and Tony broke a statue in the HFAC. We were in the police beat.

    It was awesome. Even though Tony broke the statue accidentally.

    Anybody remember that?

  13. Oh yes, I remember the statue incident. We were filming a video in the HFAC and Tony was pretending like he was ice skating backwards while talking to his date for our film. Anyway, he just accidentally bumped into some poor undergrad's project. It was some kind of ornate pottery thingey.

  14. Yep, that was it. That poor statue toppled down in slow motion. I think the video is probably still somewhere in my parents house rattling around. Then we sat around for like an hour waiting for somebody to come get mad at us and nobody came. So we left.

    That's the only thing I really remember about that dance except that I had to go with a weird guy instead of Mat. A guy I'd never even met before.