Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our Independence Day!!!

So the news out of Provo that BYU is going independent in football got me more stoked for next year than this year.

We all must be pretty busy as no one has said ANYTHING on this blog since it came out last Wednesday.

My take. It's perhaps the gustiest thing BYU has done in a really long time. I love not having to play New Mexico and SDSU every year (though technically we might play even crappier teams). The Notre Dame connection is a fantastic move and I hope there's a day when we play every year and trade a trophy, might I suggest a 'True Claim to the Priesthood' trophy? ESPN gets us more money and exposure than that crappy mountain channel and I like the WCC for other sports. It seems like a winner all around.

What does every one else think? Has anyone heard any naysaying?


  1. My friend here went to St. Mary's for his bachelor's. He's pretty excited to have BYU in the WCC.

    I guess that going independent was the best thing BYU could do, given that we weren't invited to the PAC 1X, but, on the other hand, it also seems like a crazy gamble. Who are we going to schedule in late October, when everyone else is playing conference games?

  2. I LOVE it! I'm very excited and think that teams will want to play us because of the financial benefits (games in Provo on ESPN and always 60K+ sold out seats). Sure, we'll get our share of WAC cream puffs but over time we will see more ND and Texas type games.