Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What Are Your Favorite Websites?!?

It would be FUN! (see look at how much fun I'm having) if everyone shared some of their favorite websites. I'm curious to see what the esteemed audience of The Provonian reads. Let's do it like this--list your favorite websites/blogs for the following topics (include urls where necessary).

1. News/Current Events
2. Politics/Legal/Civic Issues
3. Sports/Fun
4. Hobbies
5. Arts/film/culture
6. Church/religious
7. Friends/Social

I'll go first. If I don't mention your blog specifically that doesn't mean I don't read/like it.

1. For news I go to Drudge Report and I have the top stories from Google News on my homepage. Nothing exciting here.

2. My latest favorite is SteynOnline. Mark Steyn is an extremely entertaining conservative columnist. If you are conservative and haven't read his stuff then you need to wake up and start living. (Start here with this gem on the Democractic presidential primary.) If you are a leftie you may not find him funny, but you will admit that he is a brilliant wordsmith. Another favorite is the Coyote Blog. It's a blog by a libertarian, small business owner and is typically commentary on how government screws things up. I'm not libertarian, yet, but it has been a real education for me on that side of the political spectrum. (Here's a recent favorite comparing the efficiency of a government agency and a small company.) Last, I'll throw in a plug for Race Happens which is written by a former mission companion. He's Korean-American and doesn't have an ideological axe to grind. It's refreshing to become better informed about race issues without being constantly accused of racism because of the color of my skin.

3. All Cougarboard, all the time.

4. I follow a few blogs by small scale farmers. My favorite is probably Nature's Harmony blog.

5. Hmm, I guess I don't have anything under this category. Boring Holmes.

6. I follow Times & Seasons. I haven't spent much time there of late, but it has been a fun place to hear articulate, usually faithful LDS perspectives on a variety of topics. Another blog I follow is LDS Science Review. It is written by an LDS molecular biologist and gets into the evolution/religion issues.

7. Carly has a reliably entertaining blog (My Misadventures). Her recent post about Elmo is one of my all time favorites. (The peedle post over at Jayne's blog is a recent favorite too.)

Okay Provonian readers, let's hear a shout out to your favorite websites. Either follow my format or just throw out a favorite or two.


  1. Cool entry, great idea to broaden my web knowledge...let's see now...

    1. CNN.com. I really don't know why, I'm often annoyed at how they handle the news, but their election coverage had that the best interactive map, and my 'favorites' bar is set up all nice...

    2. Wow Rob, how right and red you have become. At least you didn't mention Hannity or Beck, I think my head would've exploded.

    I like Countdown with Keith Olberman. Oh yeah, nice and left. You can watch it on MSNBC.com. I'm sure Rob will like one of the segments about as much as I liked reading that Steyn article...

    3. Bill Simmons on ESPN.com is smart, informative and hilarious. Between fantasy sports, checking scores and highlights, and playing streak for the cash I spend WAY too much time on ESPN.COM.

    4. When I was a drone at Convergys looking at golf websites was about all I could do to remain sane. The new site for Gladstan in Payson is a fun escape. I've also found I like cooking, and simplyrecipes.com is my fav there.

    5. Youtube, Hulu, NBC.com. You'd think I'd have a theater site...

    6. Does lds.org count here? It counts right?

    7. I, like Rob, enjoy all of the blogs listed on our page (and what happened to Ashley? I sorta liked reading hers occasionally) but you should all be aware of Jed's participation in mustache may (I learned of this by peaking at Jayne's blog) http://www.moustachemay.com/staches/thedespot/.
    Time well spent.

  2. I got ticked at something Ashley posted (not because it was political, I just thought it was offensive) so I didn't want to advertise her blog. But, maybe we should put it back up since it's not "all about me."

    I think Hannity is a windbag but Beck doesn't bother me so much.

    So does Bill Simmons have a regular column one can subscribe to?

  3. I like fun things! To do! I will participate!

    1. NYtimes.com, wsj.com, sltrib.com and deseretnews.com

    2. realclearpolitics.com It's an aggregator site of opinion articles/columns. They post more moderate/right stuff, but usually have at least two or three liberal articles every day. And the all-time most useful political website: factcheck.org. It's indispensable.

    3. The S.L. Trib's and Deseret News' Real Salt Lake blogs. dunord.blogspot.com -- an MLS and soccer-in-general blog. The Guardian's sports blog, mostly for their discussion of soccer tactics and strategy (example). Basketbawful.blogspot.com -- the best and worst of the NBA. Oh, and bigsoccer.com

    4. Summitpost.org. This is a total waste of time, since I'm destined to never live near any mountains ever again.

    5. Does ericdsnider.com count for this?

    6. Ima second lds.org as a candidate for #6. I used to read times and seasons and by common consent, but haven't been around for years.

    7. Outside of this blog and my families blogs, I'm essentially friendless on the internet.

  4. 1. Drudgereport.com, desnews.com, cnn.com, I just sort of cycle through these.

    2. Post-election I'm not spending as much time in this area but I'll check out politico every once and awhile.

    3. Cougarboard.com as well as deepshadesofblue.com (great blog with posts from former cougars like Quinn Gooch)

    4. Sierratradingpost.com and steepandcheap.com. Like Aaron I'm in a place where I have no use for outdoor gear but I can still dream. Dealsea.com is also fun for bargain hunters. Like Tone I'm into cooking and really like recipzaar.com.

    5. My dissertation has sucked culture out of me...so I guess I'd have to say this blog.

    6. lds.org, I love the church's new you tube page.

    7. Uhh this page and Greg Ostertag's blog I mean if he has one I'm sure it would be awesome but I haven't found it yet so just this page.

  5. Holmes -- Bills Simmons is known as 'the sports guy' and is sort of the superstar of ESPN.com. If you go to the site he has his own little window with his recent articles and podcasts. Today in fact he's having an email debate with Malcolm Gladwell (yes THAT Malcolm Gladwell).

    I do believe you can subscribe to his podcast through itunes, but I sort of have no idea how to do such a thing.

  6. Hey Malcolm Gladwell eh? I just read Outliers by him. It was pretty entertaining.

  7. Oh, I forgot one for #5: 3hive.com. The guys who run the site post music from bands who have songs available for download on the internet. Click on the "Stream this Page" link on the right side to listen to all the songs they discuss on the main page. It fills up with new bands every two weeks or so.

  8. hey provonians. some of my favorite websites (sorry Rob - I'm straying from your format):

    listen to and manage playlists of online music at projectplaylist.com

    some more rare and free music recorded live (downloadable and legal - some crap and some great)
    at daytrotter.com
    (best thing about this site is that the guy who runs it has new bands up almost everyday - check out Dr. Dog, Fleet Foxes, Andrew Bird, Islands, and the mountain goats among others.

    my favorite online comic strip:
    thingpart by jsayers

    news: CNN and npr.org (can't stand Hannity and I think Beck is insane. I used to like Olberman but now he brings out my inner conservative - does that mean I'm a moderate or just a contrarian?)

    sports: cougarboard, espn, desnews, sltrib, memo13.com (check it out)

    'cool' and 'funny' 'art' blogs at: nerdkore.com and explodingdog.com

    hulu.com for missed episodes of 30 rock and select snl sketches (anything with Kristin Wiig).

    on a side note - i hate the internet. j/k LOL ROTFLMAO FWIW

  9. for film reviews i like Joe Morgenstern from the wall street journal. best to listen to his reviews on KRCW.com