Sunday, May 17, 2009

Holmestead I

Looking up the driveway. We're putting in our first garden. It looks ideally bucolic, but it comes with the price of ticks, poison ivy and 40,000 mosquitoes. Tame the wilderness Holmes, tame the wilderness.
Jane and one of six plymouth barred rock chicks. This is from a few weeks back. They're all still alive (phew!) and it turns out we have 4 hens and 2 roosters.
Milky Way and Anne-Marie in the bassinette.
Termite tunnels in the bottom corner of the house. This was behind the baseboard. I removed asbestos popcorn texture from the ceiling, pulled up the deep red shag carpet and tore off the wood paneling. Behind the wood paneling I found two entombed garter snakes and a pile of five mouse skeletons at the bottom of an AC vent. This room must have had a serious odor in the past.
Big old Prairie Kingsnake that Jane found in the yard today. I hope it doesn't like chickens or kittens.
Prairie sunset.


  1. entombed garter snakes and mice skeletons - sounds like a homeowners dream. Seriously though, jealous of the land even if it has poison ivy and a few bugs.

  2. That's right Holmes, don't take any mess from that old house. I look forward to more this old house transformation pictures.

  3. cool rob! termites are bad out there. we had problems with them in both places we lived in KC. that snake is huge!