Friday, April 10, 2009

This Comercial Blows Me Away...

For all the wrong reasons.

Happiness is simple... conformity.


  1. wow, that is truly strange.

  2. That makes no sense. He seemed annoyed by all the car dealership mascots, then he became one. Brilliant.

  3. This will appeal to teenagers that want to "fly" and "fit in."

  4. Really? You guys hate this commercial? Think of all the other, awful ways that Lays could have gone with this. Isn't this much better that most of what you see on TV?

    Sure, it tries to make you think that eating their brand of chips will fill some void in your life and bring indescribable, life-altering happiness. But at least it's not this. Actually, that would be pretty cool, too.

    So, to sum up, I'm really easy to please.

  5. I thought the person who gave him the lays would be a normal person like him, and then they'd 'escape' the annoyance of their co-workers through eating sweet, wonderful, tasty potato chips. Mmm-mmm.

    But having him become one of the people who were confusing baffles.

    It does make me want to fly though, bringing me back to my teenage years where ALL I wanted to do was fly, and one other thing.

    Cool 'Family Guy' clip. I'm always amused by the snippets of 'FG' when I see them online, which makes me doubt the notion that it's an abomination I keep hearing around the BYZoo.

  6. Actually Tone, there were two other things that all teenagers wanted to do.

  7. Rob's right.
    1: play tag in a pond with a Hooded Merganser
    2: use a rocket launcher to demolish a building.

  8. I thought it was play tag in a pond with a rocket launcher and destroy a building with a duck.

    But what do I know, I'm not from Provo.