Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Help. My brain is about to explode.

So, like most of my postings, this issue is about a week or two stale. I've just finally gotten the gumption to write something about it.

Watch this clip if you dare, but please, don't watch much. I got through about 25 seconds before I wanted to hurl.

I hope you didn't watch too much. Showbiz Tonight is a blight, a BLIGHT on my brain.

Anyway, I remember when this happened, and that one dude who became a famous blogger (I know his name, I just don't want to write it) asked Ms. California a no-win question and she 'spoke out' although rather mildly, against gay marriage. I remember feeling that it was an unfair question, and I briefly felt a bit of admiration for Ms. Thang in her answer.

Upon further reflection, I still think it was a stupid question, how did a famous blogger become a pageant judge, are they giving that post away at raffles now? But I also think it was kind of a stupid polarizing answer. It seems like you could answer the question in a much more diplomatic way couldn't you? One that wouldn't cheese off half the judges? Tell me if I'm wrong here.

ANYWAY, now Ms. California is being lionized by the pundits of the right. Being held up as this pillar of goodness, and a potential politician.


Saying what you believe is one thing, but having that turn into so much cultural capital blows me away.

and is everyone forgetting? This is a beauty pageant contestant. BEAUTY PAGEANT! Is this really the type of folk we want making and passing laws? I'd love it if she cut the ribbon to the new Jiffy Lube in Escondido, but please, not in public office.

There are people who say what they think all the time, in forums WAY more interesting than the MISS USA Pageant, and I never hear A.J. Hammer talking about them.

BHAAA. Makes me wanna RETCH.


  1. No kidding. 1st, the TV news media will talk about anything that will get ratings. 2nd, why are they asking a litmus test question that has a "right" answer? How does that test a contestant's to answer a question?

  2. Isn't ONE Sarah Palin too much for the Republican Party to survive?

  3. The thing that gets me is how the "family values" folks glommed onto a nearly naked woman as their champion.