Thursday, October 18, 2007

Evangelical Theologian Backs Mitt Romney

Go read this article by an evangelical theologian who has decided to support Mitt Romney. I try not to delve too deeply into politics here because I view The Provonian more as fun among friends than a place to argue about divisive issues--there are plenty of forums for that. (That said, always feel free to share your opinions, political and otherwise.) But I thought the conservatives and Mormons in the audience might find this article to be a good read. Romney supporters should e-mail this to their conservative Christian friends. I'm leaning towards voting for Romney in the primary--and my brother Rich is leaning towards Stephen Colbert. I think Giuliani could do a decent job, but I have more trust in Romney to be a principled and effective leader. I need to read up a little bit more on Fred Thompson. If any of you are really gung-ho for Fred please let me know why.

How do you feel about Mitt? A lot of folks don't find him genuine or say he flip-flops on issues like abortion. I watched a Youtube clip of a radio interview where the host focused on what role Mormonism will play in Romney's candidacy. When they go off the air the cameras keep rolling (that's at about 10:30 in the clip) and you really get to see the real Mitt. I was impressed. He seemed like a genuine person who can be articulate and firm without being disrespectful--and he shot down the guy's crazy Constitutional theories pretty nicely. Regarding flip-flopping, my guess is that if a pro-life politician shifted to a more pro-choice stance the media would applaud the move as personal enlightenment rather than political pandering.

What are Mitt's pluses and minuses. Has he won your vote? Or are you still shopping? Which Democratic candidate is your favorite?


  1. Yeah, I like Romney. His track record in Massachusetts is impressive. It's disappointing to see him have to jump through so many hoops to prove his conservatism to win the primaries. It makes him seem so disingenuous. I understand the reasoning behind the ridiculous dive to the right, but I wish we had a different system that didn't require political acrobatics.

  2. Stephen Colbert has my vote too.

    Here's my view of the Democratic candidates:
    1. Hilary: Though she may be the strongest candidate, too many people hate her.
    2. Obama: not NEARLY enough political experience. I wish he would hold off for a few years so we can ascertain his political viewpoints a bit more accurately.
    3. Edwards: an excellent candidate--but will lose in the primaries because he just doesn't have the political machine behind his campaign that obama and hilary have.
    4. Gore: not yet in the running, but after his Nobel Prize last week, I think he could sweep in and win this election.

  3. Do you think Gore would actually get in the race? I thought there was no way.

  4. It doesn't look like Gore will run, but I wish he would. I have to admit that I don't like Mitt Romney. He makes me feel embarrassed when I listen to him talk. When I took my highly reliable and scientific "choose your candidate quiz" on the internet, the result was John Edwards, but I think that's because I ranked health care as a high priority (grad students get the health care shaft, if you know what I mean). I am at a loss. Incidentally, why do so many people hate Hillary Clinton? I don't get it.

  5. Rob: I don't know if he will get in the race. I would probably be a little miffed if I won a presidential election, but then wasn't allowed to be president. So, who can blame him?

    Carly: I have a hard time grasping why people hate Hilary so much. I personally agree largely with her politics and, having met with her socially several times, find her to be quite nice. But, several of my male friends find her to be too overbearing on women's issues. I believe my father calls her a "feminazi"--a term I think is stupid. Actively fighting for women's issues seems natural for a woman, to me. So, I don't really get the hatred. But, it is real and it is powerful.

  6. You have MET Hillary Clinton??? Do tell!

  7. That's right. Aren't you a niece of a very well known political figure?