Friday, September 21, 2007

If You Could Live Anywhere in the US Where Would You Live?

Loyal readers I want your opinions. One career option I'm seriously considering is becoming a patent analyst. Patent analysts work in firms that specialize in searching previous patents and other scientific publications to help a company decide if they have a reasonable chance of protecting their inventions through patenting. I know, it sounds VERY exciting but there is one excellent perk. A lot of these companies let their employees telecommute from anywhere in the US. So, if I can land one of these jobs where should I live? Ozarks, Vermont, Southern Utah? Taliatha and I think it would be cool to live somewhere where the cost of living is low so we could afford a big old homestead. Where would you live and why?


  1. If you want low cost of living and low housing/property costs, you might want to try Texas; unfortunately, the place is full of Texans.

  2. Texas is already out on my list due to climate. I don't think I could go further South than North Carolina.

  3. I meant a lower case south, not "South." I don't have any problems with the South, just being too far south.

  4. that is a really tough question, and we're actually dealing with that right now too--Kris is applying for residency in pediatric dentistry, and it's kind of like wherever you end up doing your residency is a good place to practice because of all the connections and stuff that you make.
    So...Utah is out for us because there are just too many dentists. We're probably leaning toward Colorado or Southern California right now, or maybe someplace in AZ that has 4 seasons. I don't know. It's kind of a stressful decision to have to think about making.

  5. but if you can handle the humidity here in MO the cost of living is definitely low and the cost of land is sooo low compared to UT it's ridiculous. You could have acres and acres if you wanted to. And it's pretty here. And there are lots of nice people as well as lots of hillbillies.

  6. Oh yeah, when I do searches for rural property MO comes up big time. I doubt you guys are more humid than here, but I imagine your winters are a little harder.

  7. No further south than North Carolina, eh? Cheap, eh? Might I recommend Winemmucca, NV? Either that or Kentucky. Those are both cheap, north of NC places. I'm partial to Utah, but that's me.

  8. Walla Walla, Washington
    Rexburg, Idaho
    Dillon, Montana

  9. Everyone out here seems to think the winters are awful, but I really don't think they're that bad. Sure they're cold, but not that cold. The thing that does suck in the winter is ice storms though. They don't happen too often, but when they do it's unpleasant.
    You could really get a lot of land and house for relatively low cost out here though. And think, you could live in Independence with the rest of the zealots and wait for the gathering. Maybe you could start a hotel out a Far West like some people in our old stake wanted to do!

  10. One more: Pacific City, Oregon

  11. Draper, UT YO!!!!

  12. Super Super West Spanish Fork (that's the official name of that area out by the West Mountain on the South West side of Utah Lake).

    Here's why:
    1. Birding Paradise
    2. Lots of land.
    3. Close to Provo which has:
    a. International Cinema
    b. Bombay House
    c. Sushi Special Tuesday at Demae
    d. the reflecting pool in between HFAC and MOA that I know you're dying to take another dip in.
    e. Brandie's house
    f. Suit Football every year, not just once every 5 years.
    4. also close to Rock Canyon, Slate Canyon, Diamond Fork Canyon, Sundance, etc.

    I also wouldn't mind living in San Francisco, but that will never happen.

  13. North Carolina is looking pretty good and from what I hear (ahem ROB), it's pretty (beach and mountains), economy is great, and the weather is nice--never mind the occasional hurricane. I'm going to get all my family to move there on a big chunk of land and start a branch with only 1 hour of church.

    Oh, and to all y'all, a plug for the Texas: cheap land and the nicest folks I've ever met.

  14. You are already in one of the best states in the union.

    I would suggest staying along the edges of the country. That middle part is boring.

    And, though I don't know about your specific field, I do know that the Patent office is here in DC (well, really in Alexandria, VA)and that nearly ALL patent litigation actually takes place here or in NY (yes, I'm going to be a patent attorney, so I've done the research). It might behoove you to be reasonably close to these hubs.

  15. Dude, if you can telecommute just buy a super deluxe motor home and live on the open road. No borders, no neighbors, no rules.

  16. Lubbock, Texas. Because I just don't have any other choice.