Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Few Points

1. Books
Taliatha and I recently decided that she should defect from her book club (a bunch of sisters in the ward) and start reading one book a month with me. We just finished A Room with a View and A Wrinkle in Time. Most of you are probably familiar with those books, so I won't review them here; but I enjoyed their themes of honesty and love, respectively. I remember trying to read A Wrinkle in Time back in elementary school, and maybe again in middle school, but having it blow my mind. This time around it was a cinch! It's reassuring to know I can handle juvenile fiction now. Speaking of juv. fiction, did anyone else see Bridge to Terabithia? I thought it was quite good.

2. The Cougs!
Man, they almost pulled it out against UCLA. That was a fun game to watch. They will be awesome in conference this year and look out for next year. All of the offensive weapons will be back and the entire offensive line except for this year's starting center. Boo yah!

3. Depressing Ice Cream Social
Our department has a semi-annual ice cream and sheet cake social at the start and end of Fall and Spring semesters, respectively. This year I looked around at all of the grad students and had the sinking and lonely realization that I am now the senior grad student in the department. There was only one other PhD student in my cohort and she finished in May. At least I got to drown my sorrows in cake and ice cream.

4. Free Lunches
I've been having "business lunches" with some of my contacts--you know how you're supposed to network and stuff, right? Anyway, it's a SWEET deal because I ask them if they want to go to lunch and give me free career advice and then they end up paying because they feel guilty about letting a graduate student pay for his own lunch. Right on!


  1. I read a Wrinkle in Time in 6th grade, but I think I better read it again, since all I remember is that there was something in it called "The It." Or am I thinking of a Stephen King novel?

  2. That's right. The IT is the antagonist.

  3. I loved all three of those books. Can I join the TaliathaRob book club? What's next?

  4. Hah! It's Taliatha's pick. I'll have her post it here.

  5. I want to join the book club too. Do post the next read!
    Wrinkle in Time is definitely one of my all time favorites. Youguys better read A Wind at the Door, Many Waters and A Swiftly Tilting Planet too. All part of that series and all great!
    That UCLA game was good, but disappointing, but it was nothing like that stupid Tulsa game!! ARRGH!
    And we drove to Tulsa for it. We thought for sure BYU would be able to beat Tulsa. Instead we had to sit through the worst game ever!!!
    Did youguys watch it?

  6. I also read A Wrinkle In Time in elementary school, but all I remember is that I loved it.

    And, A Room With A View is fantastic. The movie has one second of full frontal male nudity in it--the other ladies and I watched it in high school at my Aunt's house not knowing about this moment and, of course, my aunt walked through the room at that exact second.

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  8. Maren and I watched that this summer and were a little surprised by all of the rampant dudity.

  9. Tulsa game--I watched and cried. Just when I thought we had a consistent team. I think we just had no idea how to deal with their offensive scheme. Our offense looked good except for penalties and a couple of interceptions.

    I didn't realize A Wrinkle in Time was part of a series. I'll definitely have to read the sequels.

    Yes, the Room w/a View move can catch the unprepared off guard.