Sunday, May 20, 2012

Investing in Education

I'm curious what you fellas think about this article on the pros and cons of college education.

Do you feel it was a good investment for you? Do you wish you had done anything differently? What advice should I give my high-school students? 


  1. Whoa! A post on the blog. College was a good investment for me, but I think BYU is an exceptional value. I think college isn't for a lot of kids but since loans and aid is so easily attained people just do it because that's what's after high school.

  2. I have so many students that want to go to either the Art Institute or Full Sail, both for-profit colleges that aren't accredited, and specialize in media stuff, and both of which will cost you between $60k-$90k for a bachelors degree. And they are so bowled over by the advertising (and the offer of a "free" laptop) that it's hard for me to convince them that they likely won't make enough to pay off their loans afterwards.

  3. Yep, just tell them about the guy that gave up his teaching job in NY to go get his MFA in puppeteering and then didn't get hired back on when his position got eliminated while he was in grad school.

    Brandon, you're going to have to get all in loco parentis on these kids so they don't do something stupid. Student loan debt is the one type of debt that can't be escaped in bankruptcy. It's scary stuff. Maybe Jed or Walters have some good advice for artsy types to get started without putting a debt millstone around their necks.

  4. James Altucher will tell you it's not worth it (, but I think it depends on the school and your major (