Monday, June 6, 2011


Jed and I were waiting in line to get free hot-dogs at RC Willies and our conversation lead us to the topic of techno music. I brought up the point that techno music can transcend all ages. Jed laughed at the thought and said he would give me a six pack of Welch's Grape soda if I could get his children into techno. Watch the videos all the way through. They are beautiful.

Here is the Pied-Piper of techno.

This is a newer Disney film, just in case your boys didn't like the last one.

This song almost brought me to tears.


  1. Awesome.

    I'd look it up, but I'm a little worried about what results I'd get from a search for "fagottron."

  2. One of my students asked who Faggottron was. I told him you use the long "a" sound when pronouncing the name. You could also just type in Pogo on Youtube and click on Pogo Alice.

  3. oh these are so superb, how did I not know they existed?

  4. These are BOSS! Thanks for posting.

  5. It'd be fun to have someone just listen (no video) and guess which shows they're from. I'd get Poppins in the first two seconds; Snow White I'd get eventually; I might not have guessed UP.

    These are great!

  6. Digging this. And so are my kids. Don't know what the Wells children's problem is. Mikey, you got to find a sweet remix of the Cambridge Singers, and then Jed's kids will be all over it.