Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Time to step up our game

When first I saw this (around 2 this morning) I thought, meh, we're funnier than these guys. The second time through I thought, maybe we're as funny as they. But today, with a clear head and brighter eyes, I can say with that confidence one only learns at Provo High School, no way. These guys are way funnier than we are.

Mikey, it's time to start pulling your weight again. And it wouldn't hurt to get Duerden and Holmes in on the writing.


  1. This is pretty good. It goes from good to great if the dude who looks like a Holmes cousin steals the weedy guys identity he puts on glasses AND a mustache. Goes from an B+ to an A.

    Still got it.

  2. "What's Billy got that I ain't"

    You tell me the time and the place Wells

  3. The only things these guys have that we didn't was social media...if we would have had social media we could have ruled the world...or at least Grandview Hill. Though birds eating a bloody spleen, that's genius.

    I propose a writing retreat next week in Maui.

  4. SOCIAL MEDIA!!!! Twitter, Facebook, blogs, email, chatrooms, blogs!!, message lists, Linked-In, GroupOn, DIGG! SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!! With my power and the internet I can ANYTHING! ANYTHING!