Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cool Graph

I thought this was an interesting interactive graph on time use patterns. Check it out...


  1. Maybe I shouldn't be, but I'm surprised there isn't a bump in the eating category for breakfast (if you just look at the eating graph at the different age groups, there is apparently a bump for older people -- I don't know why, I always ate breakfast when I was a teenager; and usually a snack or three before lunch).

    I like trying to find weird, unexplainable (well, to me) differences: why is it that time devoted to religious activities decreases for people with 1 child, but then increases for 2+ children?

  2. Interesting analyses. I think for lots of people bfast is a diet coke and BEAR CLAW on the way way to work...

    As for the kids maybe 2+ kids is where parenting becomes really humbling and in their desperation they turn back to religion :)

  3. I am spending so much time on this graph that soon I will create a category called "looking at this graph"...