Monday, March 29, 2010

An update to the 'Madness'

No, I'm not taking about the 80's ska band...although...

Yeah...I can't see dudes skanking to the beat without thinking of Benson, and I don't really know why.

ANYWAY. For all of those who were brave/cunning/bored enough to enter the NCAA Tournament Challenge here's an update.

ESPN awards 320 points for picking winners in EACH ROUND. So, wins in the final four are worth 160 points each, and picking the champion gets you another 320 points.

Right now only three teams can get additional points. IF West Virgina wins next Saturday I will win!!! Which is sort of anti-climactic...because I'll buy myself lunch. But I'll dis all of you more than Max Hall dissed the U of U on this blog.

IF Duke wins Kirk and Marilyn will both creep in front of me, with Kirk probably winning.

Kirk is the only one who still has his pick to win it all (Duke) still in the tourney.

Here's the standings so far

Tone 700 points
Brandy 650
Kirk 610
Gil 610
Marilyn 570
Beau 530
Rob 490
Mikey 460
Wade 450
Kevin 450
Mat 420

Let's enjoy the rest of the tourney, general conference, and all the other marvels of spring.


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