Sunday, July 19, 2009

Move on, already

I know, I know. You're like, we know you like Grizzly Bear, already. In fact, I've put off posting this for a few days for that very reason. I can hear the eyes rolling collectively in their sockets out there.

But you have to see this. They pulled this off... LIVE. I have to wonder if that trippy nymph Bjork was in the sound booth, engineering the scope and clarity of the noise coming from these Brooklyn hipsters. I'm just so thrilled that in a day and age of over-produced and performance-altering recording technologies, there's a band out there that can not only conjure music like this, but can actually write it on paper for someone to join them in a live performance of it.

Here's to real talent.


  1. Holy Duke. When are they comin' to Utah?

  2. Please don't move on--I mean, you can move on if you want to, but I've enjoyed both Grizzly numbers.

    Can you tell me about the machine that the lead singer (Droste?) seems to be manipulating? I'm so curious. I can't tell exactly what it's doing.

  3. you know, talaitha, i was hoping someone could explain it to me as well.

    i think bjork is controlling him from the sound booth, so he probably doesn't even know what he's doing. he's just obeying orders.

  4. Is that a dulcimer? Or some other stringed instrument?

    Also, this one sounds like the Smiths to me. The last song you posted didn't at all, but this one does. Anyone else getting that?

  5. Yea, I totally think Droste sounds like Morrissey

  6. The Smiths, eh?

    While the vocal quality does sound like Morrissey, the smiths always sound to me like the band is playing one song and Morrissey is singing another that sort of but doesn't quite fit with what the rest of the band is playing. That's not to say I don't like the Smiths...or does it?

    There's another clip of them playing 'two weeks' on Lettermen where they sound way good as well. I, like the sheep that I am, got the album after Jed turned us on to them. It's really great, but like many really great albums it tests you a bit. Not all the songs are listenable at first, but then, with perseverance, the whole album (well, most of it) becomes very enjoyable.

    I think we should change this blog to 'The Grizzly Bear' and only talk about Grizzly Bear and Grizzly Bear related things. Done? Done.

  7. since this is a grizzly bear admiration post - saw this online last year. pretty awesome.

  8. impressive. I also like the Joseph Smith do on the guitarist.