Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Please forgive a lefty entry...

...but this is mildly amusing

The rest of the segment goes on a bit too long, but how did the Gingrich people miss this one? Isn't it this sort of comment and mentality that drive moderate republicans nuts? How is alienating ourselves from 'the world' a good thing? Will I ever stop asking rhetorical questions?

ALSO, as a follow up to my last post, Nike has done away with most of the 'Most Valuable Puppets' commercials during the finals (for, perhaps, obvious reasons) but these two still run during the games.

This is a good move by Nike, not totally taking the puppets off, but rather showing one that highlights Kobe, and one that very amicably deals with the fact that Lebron ISN'T THERE!

But here are three ideas for puppet commercials that I wish we would see.

1. Kobe and Lebron playing video games, a big puppet who looks like Shaq, but is never identified as such, comes in and grovels to Kobe telling him he washed and waxed his car. When Kobe asks if he put on two coats of wax the big puppet sighs and walks out of the apartment.

2. The Lebron Puppet states that if he had Gasol, Odom, Ariza, and Phil Jackson as his coach he would have won the finals three weeks ago. Whereas if Kobe had the Cavs supporting cast Lebron would have lost in the first round. ALL DE TIME!

3. A Dwight Howard puppet moves in and kicks Lebron out. This scenario basically happened with this Vitaminwater add.

There you go Nike, three freebies. You're welcome.

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  1. Argh, I've been gone a lot so haven't been able to contribute much (youth conference to Nauvoo--awesome--and summer camp). We're leaving for vacation this week so it will pretty much be July before I grace the blog with my presence.

    That was a nice catch with the Reagan clip. As long as being a world citizen is just a touchy-feely concept without any legal framework or consequences then I'm all for it. He misrepresents the idea of American exceptionalism--but I know he was attempting to be funny.