Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So my little brother Jon is a contestant in Mr. PHS which is being held this Thursday. He asked me to write his bio which I share below. Talking with him brought back some good memories of that fateful night 12 years ago.........

Sorry, I passed out after realizing how along ago we were in high school. I'm better now...Here's the bio:

To know Jon Duerden is to know a young man who loves animals, children, serving the elderly, giving money to charities, laughing and crying, eating and drinking, speaking French, singing to sad people, dancing for angry people, and donating non-essential organs. Once when asked about his grandest goal in life he replied, “penmanship”. He is a world renowned expert on roast beef and receives frequent invitations from universities across the country to lecture on the topic. The modern dance troupe he founded, Dancetastic!, has won numerous awards and is the topic of an upcoming documentary entitled Watch Out! Jon Can Dance. He also plays a lot of instruments, too numerous to mention here, but let’s just say it’s way more than one. Jon especially loves white water rafting, a sport he invented, on the Main Salmon River in Idaho, which he built for his Eagle Project. If he has the honor of being chosen as the next Mr. PHS, he plans to accept.


  1. did you see the old mr provo high photos I posted on facebook last week? The photos aren't very good, but they did bring back memories.
    Can it seriously have been 12 years? Sheesh.

  2. I don't see how he can do anything but win at this point . . . hey didn't Michael D. win that thing his year?

  3. I did see those picks, they were great and got my Mr. PHS juices flowing, thanks for sharing.

  4. I feel fortunate indeed to have stumbled on y'all's blog.

    My wife and I were getting rid of a bunch of old stuff in boxes a couple of months back and we had a good laugh at the '98 Mr. PHS program bios. I'd like to see Jon's penmanship. Good stuff.

  5. Hey good to see you stopped by Bart.

  6. I can't believe Jonathan is old enough to be in Mr. PHS. I think I taught him in primary. Wow, time sure does fly by.